In the midst of our current political, social and emotional climate our world is swimming in - our children's voices are often silenced and ignored. They need US - the adults and caregivers in their lives to listen to their thoughts and relate to their feelings. Rich City Kids promotes this dialogue between children and adults by creating opportunities to do so  in ways such as creative writing workshops, music and video production, performances and mentoring opportunities. 

Continuous funding will help support our community goals to support our young artists in achieving their creative and artistic dreams! To offer children in our communities opportunities to share their creative talents and experience artistic success is a dream of ours! Join us in our journey to nurture, support, and guide the next generation of creative artists! 

Rich City Kids is a non-profit 501c3 arts organization originally established in Richmond, CA. Founded by former 5th grade teacher Antoinette "JLyric" Evans in 2015 as an after school hip hop and creative writing program - Rich City Kids quickly became a popular children's YouTube Channel in 2017 with currently over 6,000 subscribers and over 2 million views. 

Rich City Kids is a dedicated platform for children in our communities to use creative and performing arts to encourage change and growth, to share stories, solutions and to educate our communities through the voices of our children.