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From its inception in 2017, Rich City Kids has operated with the goal to provide affordable and quality creative arts workshops, events, resources and programs for families living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our organization realizes the importance of creative arts education in our communities and the positive influence the arts can have on building our children’s self-confidence, improving social skills and mental health, and reinforcing positive thinking.  Established by educator and artist Antoinette “JLyric” Evans, RCK thrives as a hub for creative expression. RCK partners directly with families and schools to provide engaging art exploration and educational experiences throughout the year. 


In the midst of our current political, social and emotional climate our world is swimming in - our children's voices are often silenced and ignored. They need US - the adults and caregivers in their lives to listen to their thoughts and relate to their feelings. Rich City Kids promotes this dialogue between children and adults by creating opportunities to do so  in ways such as creative writing workshops, music and video production, performances and mentoring opportunities. 

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