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Rich City Kids Programs

The Rich City Kids organization offers a variety of workshops and programs for families near and far. Our virtual workshop options are available for those interested in a virtual learning experience and our in-person after school programs and weekend workshops are designed to service families within the Bay Area community. 

In-Person Programs & Workshops

Creative Arts Programs

Our Creative Arts Programs are offered to school districts, community centers and home school communities. We are currently offering creative arts programs in the following areas: 

  • Creative Writing (poetry, short stories)

  • Music Production

  • Turf Dance

  • Business Development 

  • Video Production 

  • Graphic Design & Art 


To learn more please email us at

Social Emotional Programs

Mental health is key to a healthy, happy successful life. The Rich City Kids organization is dedicated to supporting the mental health of children and their families. Our organization is currently offering social emotional programs in school settings and virtually.


To learn more please email us at

Academic Coaching 

Our organization understands the need right now for affordable tutoring options for families. Our academic coaching program is offered virtually and in-person to provide children with the learning support they need. 

 To learn more please email us at


Rich City Kids offers 1:1 tutoring and mentoring services in the following subjects: 


Language Arts (reading, writing)

Beat Making 

Video and Photo Editing 

Creative Writing (short stories, poetry)

For pricing please contact us at 

Virtual Creative Arts Workshops 

Throughout the year, Rich City Kids offers a variety of virtual creative arts programs and workshops in the following areas of focus: music production, creative writing, art & graphic design, turf dance, video editing, theater/drama and business development.

Check out or new program schedule listed every two months for new workshop and program dates. 

Schools and large groups please email us at for quotes and special scheduling. 

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